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SharePoint site to manage documents and control document information along with many custom features using SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Power Shell, ASP.NET, Azure.

The client is UK's leading company in resource recovery and recyling and waste management sector. They required a site to manage documents, control document information and perform some checks before publishing documents.

Business Need

The client needed a site to manage documents, control document information, and perform checks before publishing documents.

Before implementing the EDMS system, the Client managed all documents and forms physically and manually. This system allows the storage of documents related to one another. In the system, when a document is sent for consultation, consultation tasks enable document owners/administrators to see who has participated in the consultation. Documents can be searched based on metadata, such as Site, Business sub-function, Applicable Function, etc. metadata is added to the document. Documents can be displayed in a responsive table from any selected Document Library in the Property Pane. You can choose a field from that document library in the Property Pane, which will be used to filter documents. Field choices or terms will be shown in the tile view to filter documents in a table listed below the tiles.

In the system, before opening a document from the table, the user must accept the Terms and Conditions, which will be shown in a popup. Additionally, some Document Control Information will be dynamically added to the document in the footer.

When the document was uploaded to the Collaboration Site and metadata was added, various processes were undertaken to check whether the document was appropriate for publication on the public Site. Various security levels have been implemented so that if a user lacks appropriate permissions, they won't be able to download or print the document. To provide access to EDMS documents for non-IT-enabled users, a mobile version has been created in the form of a mobile app available for download from the app store for both iOS and Android. The system should be able to track when someone has opened a document, and the date should be stored in the system.


  • To fetch more than 5000 documents from the document library.
  • The Document Library will be changed from the Property Pane.
  • Show metadata in the footer of the document that is added to the SharePoint Document Library.
  • Send tracking information of documents to the Document Owner and Document Approver through email.
  • Associate one document with another in the same Document Library.
  • Add a Terms and Conditions modal in the SharePoint Document Library when someone tries to open a document.
  • To stop the print and download functionality of documents based on user permissions.
Fixed Cost Model


  • Documents need to pass through various stages before being published on the public Site.
    1. Create a document using the document template in the Collaboration site.
    2. Fill in all the metadata related to it, such as Document Owner, Document Approver, Applicable Function, Archive Date, Review Date, etc.
    3. Send it out for consultation to a consultee through Power Automate.
    4. A new task will be created for the consultee, and the link will be sent in an email.
    5. The consultee completes the consultation, and the Document Owner and Approver are notified by email.
    6. Submit it for approval to the document approver.
    7. Once the document is approved, it will be published on a public site.
  • On the Archive Date of the Document, a notification will be sent to the Document Owner.
  • Security measures have been added to stop download and print functionality from public sites for users who don’t have the right permissions.
  • A Task Page is created where the user can see all their tasks and complete them, thus moving the process forward.
  • A Console Application has been created to add metadata to documents from Document Libraries.
  • A web part has been created using SharePoint Framework to provide easy search functionality.
  • A Field Customizer is created to show a popup of Terms and Conditions when opening a document from the document library.
  • All the stages from which document has to be passed before publishing to Public site to automate this tasks Microsoft Flow has been created using Power Automate.
  • For all the stages that the document has to pass before publishing to the public site, Microsoft Flow has been created using Power Automate to automate these tasks.
  • To keep track of documents, whether metadata is modified or not, and to add it to the footer, Azure Task Scheduler is used to run the Console Application.
  • All the site columns, lists, and libraries were created using PowerShell, allowing easy migration of all components to other site collections.
Fixed Cost Model


  • Easy search functionality to search documents based on metadata from different document libraries.
  • Document Library can be easily changed from the Property Pane of the Web Part, and documents will be displayed from the selected document library only.
  • High-level security is implemented to protect the document from being downloaded and printed.
  • The metadata shown in the document footer can be easily changed from the document library.
  • Multiple documents are associated and linked to each other. So, if removed from one association, it will also be removed from another place.
  • Email notifications to the Document Owner to track the status of the document going through multiple processes.
  • Easy search, sort, and filter functionality for documents.
  • All metadata and document information, after filtering, can be downloaded to an Excel file.
  • No need to create different views of the document library to search for documents; they can be easily searched by the combination of metadata.

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